Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Show Descriptions

Forgotten Promises by Tom Reilly

Directed by Andy Rassler

Dan has the ability to predict things that are going to happen. Or does he?

The Experience by Clinton Festa

Directed by Denise McKercher

A couple has an unusual dining experience.

Marriage Material by Clinton Festa

Directed by Brian Rassler

A couple is going to be married in 3 years; Josie’s father insists on counseling.

PayDayus Ex Machina by Chuck Smith

Directed by Andy Rassler

Two snacks in a vending machine face their fate.

The Unopened Valentine by Dwayne Yancey

Directed by Matthew Monte

A granddaughter finds a valentine that her grandmother never opened.

The Last Straw by Antony Pandolfo

Directed by Stuart Jonap

A patient with anger management problems takes it out on their therapist.

True Colors by Connie Dinkler

Directed by Pam Coffman

The Tender Hearts Ladies Society of Bogart County plans a charity event.

Performance Details:

September 13-15 at Red Red Hill Brewing Company, 21 Union Street South, Concord, NC 28025

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