9th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

Old Courthouse Theatre in Concord, NC

Old Courthouse Theatre in Concord, NC

seeks scripts from residents of

No submission fee!
Winning playwrights receive $25!

Submission Deadline is midnight Sunday, June 27th, 2021

We are pleased to announce the winning plays and playwrights selected for our 9th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival occurring September 17-19, 2021 at OCT.

Mark your calendar for auditions - August 8th & 9th at 7pm. No experience necessary. More information will be released closer to audition dates.

Into the Woods
21 Actors: 8m, 9f, 4e

*The Big Tree by Mike Brannon 2m
Two bickering brothers find themselves lost in the woods as they try to find their father's
final resting place.
JOSH: a thirty-something year old man
JOEY: Josh's slightly younger brother

*Ham Sandwich Surprise by Briana Craig 3e
Three kids search in the woods for a good thing for show and tell.
CHLOE/CAL WILLIAMS: Avid adventurer
JORDAN HALL: Chaotic companion
AVA/ALLEN ANDERSON: Fearful follower

*Tree Bathing by Connie Dinkler 1m, 1f
An emotionally-distraught woman and her therapist try to deal with her break-up.
DR. MEADOWS: therapist, calm demeanor
VANESSA: very talkative, easily distracted, fidgety, neurotic

*Delete That by Clinton Festa 2m, 2f
After an alien abduction, a couple argues about a photo on their phone.
JOSH: Kate's new husband
KATE: Josh's new wife
MR. BIGFOOT: A male sasquatch
MRS. BIGFOOT: A female sasquatch

*The Wood Sprite by Bruce Hurley 1m, 1f, 1e
A couple finds a mischievous wood sprite at their campsite.
AUTUMN HILL: A young woman
BYRON BIGGINS: A young man; Byron's fiance
WOOD SPRITE: A mythical creature

*A Misunderstanding by Denise McKercher 3f
Three friends meet in the woods and misunderstand...well, everything!
ANGIE: Outdoorsy type, a hiker; dressed like a real hiker
BEVERLY: City folk, prefers concrete to compost; dressed to impress but with hiking boots
BEX: Somewhere between but definitely not as in shape as the others

*A Poem As Lovely As a Tree by Andy Rassler 2m, 2f
Emily Dickinson leads Robert Frost, Walt Whitman, and Sylvia Plath into the woods to find inspiration for their new poems.
WALT WHITMAN: Introspective, thoughtful, quiet
SYLVIA PLATH: Dark, disturbed, witty, dangerous
ROBERT FROST: A little cranky
EMILY DICKINSON: Lovely, innocent, bright, optimistic