Unless otherwise noted all auditions will be held at:

Old Courthouse Theatre
49 Spring Street NW
Concord, NC 28025
Registration is from 7pm-8pm

Check our website, social media accounts, or calendar for information on upcoming auditions.

Old Courthouse Theatre is excited to announce AUDITIONS for Nana Does Vegas. This production will be directed by Mary Lynn Bain. Performances will be February 17 -20 & 25-27, 2022.

Auditions will be held Sunday, December 12 & Monday, December 13 and will consist of cold readings from the script. Registration will be from 7-8 pm. You do not have to attend both dates.

Masks are recommended while in the building. Masks can be removed during the audition while actively auditioning and socially distanced from one another.

SYNOPSIS: Nana has taken a gamble and moved to Las Vegas, where she and her sidekick Vera are working as seamstresses for a show...what could possibly go wrong? Everything! If you liked Nana's Naughty Knickers, you'll love Nana Does Vegas!

Bridget Charles (Female/Non Binary 21+)- A soon to be bride trying to manage everyone else and herself during a chaotic Vegas trip. She/They is the voice of reason in the bunch and could also be described as earnest, sharp, and perceptive.

Tom O'Grady (Male/Non Binary 21+) Bridget's hard working, clueless, eager, charmingly lost fiance. His new promotion serves as the fulcrum on which the action pivots as he will have to make choices that will impact either his family or his own career path. He tries his best, you can't take that away from him.

Sylvia Charles (Female/NB 21+) Bridget's grandmother who makes costumes for showgirls and is dating a notorious mobster named Dino. She is lovely and genuinely in love with Dino despite knowing what he does for a living. All she wants is for Bridget to have a good visit and to finish her costumes for the show, she is extremely loyal to those close to her.

Vera Walters (Female/NB 21+) Sylvia's wildcard friend who is unwittingly putting Dino's life on the line by running an illegal high-stakes game of dominoes. Sassy, mischievous, shrewd, Bridget soon finds out that Vera will need to be supervised because there's no telling what she'll be up to next.

Joe (Female/Male/NB 21+) Tom's mysterious boss that ends up being an FBI Agent. He/She/They may or may not regret vetting Tom as an Agent. Business-like, stoic, mysterious.

Dino Marino (Male/NB 21+) A made man in the mobster world, Dino is the head honcho of the Las Vegas turf. That is until he finds out that someone has been "skimming off the top" and a larger fish is coming to collect very soon. He's genuinely in love with Sylvia and wants to protect her and her family from the dangers of being closely connected to him.

Gia (Female/NB 21+) A force of nature in a terrifyingly feminine frame who's been sent to find Dino and "finish the job".

Bellboy/Croupier (Female/Male/NB 21+) - Vera's right-hand man for her every need, no questions asked.

Frank (Male/NB 21+) One of Vera's reliable "Whales", or high-paying customers in her illegal games.